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i love how dude just got sewn in a horse and hannibal is there playing with a cute little lamb

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the hannigram is so strong it could tear a phonebook in half

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You want weird tv episodes that you’ve never seen before? It’s probably been on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You want a musical episode? Buffy. An episode with no talking at all? Buffy. A good laugh about a demon-hunting dummy? Buffy. What about one where hyena ghosts posses high school students and then go eat their principle? Guess who. Just go watch Buffy you piece of shit.

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I’m English, so I’m dirty.

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People in their early twenties still refer to people older than them as “adults”. When do you think they stop… and realize… they are adults

I’m not an adult, I’m a child with a drinking permit.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dir. Wes Anderson 

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I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.
Vincent van Gogh  (via age-ofconsent)
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If you’re a woman and you don’t wear enough make-up, there’s about an 85% chance that the first person you see when you leave the house will ask if you’re tired or sick…
Conversely, if some dude’s inbuilt conceal-o-meter scans your eyeliner as a millimetre thicker than the Department of Warpaint’s cat eye regulations, you’re likely to be charged with five counts of Offences Against Natural Beauty…
Part of this phenomenon is that a lot of people, and almost all men, don’t understand how make-up works. Make-up was, and still is to a large extent, one of those private self-maintenance tasks ladies perform out of male view, because putting it on openly fucks with the illusion it’s supposed to create. Traditional make-up - and especially ‘no make-up make-up’ - is supposed to make your face look ‘naturally beautiful’…
Sponging on the foundation where dudes can see messes with men’s suspension of disbelief and can even cause anger, confusion or disgust. You tricked me!, he thinks. I thought you were a natural beauty! Now I see [it was] an illusion… “If I know she wears make-up,” muses the dude, “maybe she burps and farts as well. That’s not hot at all, and women are supposed to be hot…”
Wearing ‘too much’ make-up also renders the make-up itself visible, rather than contributing to the impression of a woman’s inbuilt, effortless fuckability. It’s often connected to unbecoming displays of overt sexuality: … ‘that heavy eye shadow makes you look like a whore’…
This does open up the enticing possibility of using make-up in rebellious ways, though - playing with colour and glitter or doing a hot pink lip can make you look fantastic and repel men who expect more subtlety in make-up practice. Or you could take a more direct approach, like writing IT’S NOT FOR YOU across your cheek in green shimmer eyeliner. You go girl.
Eleanor Robertson, "All Made Up" for FRANKIE magazine. (via ollymurmaid)
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Hannibal Lecter

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